Forsterorgan in Helsinki

Forster & Hull

Opening concerts for new organs at the Helsinki Music Centre were held from September 3rd to 5th. The organ hall now has three new members – Italian, meanton tempered 9-stop organ from the 17th century, the 26-stop barque style organ from Germany, build by Verschueren in 1994 and the 29-stop Englist Romantic organ, built Glasgow by Forster & Hull in 1892.
Latter got dismantled in England and got mounted back together in Helsinki based on 10 photographs taken from the original organ. They also added 4 more stops to the pedal which in turn required new mechanical windchest along with tracker action and stop action.The pneumatic action of the old pedal is now triggered by the new mechanical pedal windchest. In addition to that some new features were added  – pedal keyboard, priest chancel, new blower with silencer, windchest, wind trunks and regulation bellows for new pedal windchests.


Compass C-g”’
Mechanical key action

1.Double Open Diapason (16′)
2.Open Diapason (8′)
3.Stopped Diapason (8′)
4.Gamba (8′)
5.Principal (4′)
6.Saube Flute (wood) (4′)
7.Fifteenth (2′)
8.Trumpet (8′)



Compass C-g”’
Mechanical key action
1.Dulciana (8′)
2.Lieblich Gedackt (8′)
3.Flauto Traverso (4′)
4.Flautino (2′)
5.Clarinet (8′)


Compass C-g”’
Mechanical key action
1.Bourdon (16′)
2.Open Diapason (8′)
3.Hohlflöte (8′)
4.Salicional (8′)
5.Voix Celestes (8′)
6.Gemshorn (4′)
7.Picolo (2′)
8.Mixture 3 ranks
9.Cornopean (8′)
10.Oboe (8′)

Pedal (new)

Compass C-f’
Pneumatic key action

1.Open Diapason (8′)
2.Bordon (16′)
New part
Compass C-f1
Mechanical stop and tracker action.
3.Fifteen (4′)
4.Principal (8′)
5.Trumpet (8′)
6.Trombone (16′)

Pedal couplerrs


1.Swell to Great
2.Swell to Choir
3.Swell Octave
4.Swell to Pedals
5.Great to Pedals
6.Choir to Pedals

Balance Swell Pedal.

Pressure 80 mm/WS in Choir 70 mm/WS
Organ stay on the stage (1,2 m height)
Height 8,6 m with stage 9,8 m
Width 5,46m with new pedal windchests 7,2 m
Depth 3,45 m


Rubriigid: Määratlemata. Salvesta püsiviide oma järjehoidjasse.

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